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​Are you worried about your technology reliability? Are you confused about what you really need? CompTech Solutions LLC can answer your most important hardware and system software technology questions to let you focus on advancing your Company's Technical Computing prowess.

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CompTech Solutions LLC is here to help you and your business.  From helping you understand your HPC and Private Cloud Server requirements through the evaluation / selection / procurement process to recommending administration and support services, we're here to help you make the right decision, get set up and running smoothly.

System Acquisition Consulting for H.P.C. & Private Cloud


We ensure the integration of your computer system's computation, storage and archival infra-structure, to ensure reliable and seamless performance for your most demanding High-Performance Computing (HPC) and HPC Private Cloud workloads.  We're dedicated to delivering a total system solution to provide your corporation with a technical competitive advantage.

Needs Evaluation

Introduce and help you understand the latest technologies what they can offer a solution to your HPC & HPC Private Cloud needs

System Selection

Assist you in selecting, procuring and integrating the optimal solution that provides the  highest value to your users and your Company


Play an advisory role in integration of your new capability resource into your current infrastructure